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3 Tips For Getting Clothes On Sale

We all like to get the best deals we can when it comes to buying clothes, especially when the economy is bad. I like to get the best prices I can, while still shopping at high-end stores. By the time clothes make their way to discount store, they are often beat up and have been picked through way too much. Plus, that’s typically the crap nobody wants anyway.

Here are a few tips:

Get on the right mailing lists

We all hate spam, but get on department store mailing lists, and the mailing lists of high-end designers you like. Typically this is how they notify people of the best sales. Bloomingdale’s might be having an awesome sale, but rarely are they shouting it from the rooftops. Most bloomingdale’s sales are either called “Private” or “Friends and Family”… so you want to be on those lists.

Know the right people

If you can, befriend some people working at your favorite stores. I’m not saying you should use them for their discount, unless of course they offer. However, they can fill you in when the good sales are happening, and might even hook you up with some pre-sale access to the good stuff.

Sign up for GILT Groupe

Become a member of GILT and you will get frequent emails about various designer sales they are running online.

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