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5 Things Women Judge First

There are some very important grooming tasks that many dudes often overlook. Ironically, these can be some of the first things women notice and judge you on.


Not everyone is blessed with perfect teeth, but there are some simple things anyone can do to improve their situation. First, the obvious, brush and floss at least twice a day, and follow it up with a good mouthwash (Listerine makes any flavor you could want, including an alcohol free type). Second, if you need them, pick up some white strips, or if you want to drop a few bucks, get professional whitening at the dentist’s office. Third, for very low cost your dentist can smooth any uneven spots along the edges of your teeth. Veneers are also an option and will give you perfect teeth, but come at a high price. Pretty much all celebs have veneers.


Manicures are not just for girls, despite what you may have been told. Whether you turn to a professional, or do it yourself, you should keep your fingernails neat and clean. Going to a pro is easier, but if you want to do it yourself, you can get a manicure kit at most drug stores. You’ll want to soak your fingertips in warm water, clean up your cuticles and any dead skin, trim and file your nails, and follow it up with some hand cream. Again, going and getting a real manicure it much easier and you might even make some new lady friends in the process.


I’m not talking about the hair on your head, although depending on your hair style you should keep standing hair appointments every 3-5 weeks. I am talking about your unibrow, nose, and ear hair. I am a big proponent of a little face scruf, I only shave once every few days. However, having messy brow, nose or ear hair is very different. Invest in a pair of good tweezers and a nose/ear hair trimmer. Make it part of your routine, and you’ll always look clean. Just imagine you’re getting close to kissing a woman on a first date and all she can see is all your nasty nose hair…


To state the obvious, shower every morning and after any exercise. Get a good body wash, a nice sponge and scrub yourself liberally, including the undercarriage. Now let’s talk about cologne. If people more than two feet away from you are remarking about your cologne, you are wearing too much. Cologne is not intended to cover up the fact that you actually stink, so if that is the case, revisit the bathing process. Cologne is intended to be subtle, not intrusive.


This doesn’t exactly fall under grooming, but it’s an important one. No matter what shoes you wear, cheap or expensive, keep them clean and looking good. Dirty $500 shoes, might as as well be $20 shoes. Keep shoe trees in your leather shoes when not in use, and get them polished on a regular basis. Kiwi makes some great disposable quick polishing clothes that are very handy for keeping your leather shoes, of all colors, looking good. You can get them at any drug store or target, etc.

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9 responses to “5 Things Women Judge First”

  1. martin dingman says:

    Absolutely! Especially the shoes! They are the only item on the list that indicates a sense of style!

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  3. Katie Hoffman says:

    I'm gonna throw in complexion too, right up there with fingernails. It doesn't have to be flawless but it's always good when you can tell a guy knows what skin care is!

  4. Pamela Nguyen says:

    HAIR. You are so right about the hair! I throw this tip at my guy friends all the time, and they just don't get it. They actually SHRUG when I tell them their nose hairs are sticking out or their unibrow is becoming grossly noticeable. Sigh, if only they would read this post — I can't be their mom forever!

  5. Scotty says:

    Don't forget the women taking a quick peak at our 'package'. An older woman (in her 40s) let me know she, and most other women will do this.

  6. MelissaSS says:

    That thought grosses you out? My friend, you should NOT be using the internet… It' can be a scary place for boys like you.

    • Jamie says:

      Was mostly being sarcastic. I have a lot of female friends and none have (so far anyway) told me the first thing they look at is dick… But you never know!

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