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Go Baller In Virgin America First-Class

I was first introduced to Virgin American when I flew out to LA in the summer of 2009. I ended up doing a few round trips between JFK and LAX that summer, all on Virgin America. More recently I took Virgin America on round-trips to both San Francisco in May and Las Vegas in August, on both trips I was in First-Class both ways. This is due to Virgin America’s cool upgrade policy. Unfortunately as they became more popular the policy became a bit more restricted…

Book your ticket like you normally would and select your seat. Then exactly 6 hours before the departure time for your flight, you can login and if there are any First-Class seats available you can change your seat and pay a much reduced upgrade price. For a “long haul” flight, like JFK to LAX, the upgrade price is $270 on top of whatever you originally paid for your ticket. Yes, it’s a nice chunk of change, but it’s substantially lower then if you were to buy the First-Class ticket to begin with.

When I first started flying Virgin America, you could do this 24 hours before the flight as opposed to 6 hours… I assume they decided they’d like to allow more time for people to pay full-fare. It also cost $250 instead of $270. However, depending on the time and day of the week, I’ve had pretty good luck getting an upgraded seat. You just have to be dedicated and make sure you are at a computer shortly before the 6 hour mark and ready to move fast!

Hopefully I won’t see any of you on my upcoming flights, because we’ll probably be fighting for the same upgrade!

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3 responses to “Go Baller In Virgin America First-Class”

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  2. alan says:

    hey there I do this all the time and always get the upgrade.!!!!!!! it is awesome 55" seat pitch us air has a 37" seat pitch and its 5x price. very good First class experience.

  3. Daniel says:

    I love doing that every time I fly to Vegas; the first couple of times I stuck with the seat that I was given when booking through but it was the Main Cabin Select – free everything! Since I fly out of SFO the upgrade falls under short-haul (only $39). For the pre-flight champagne, private restroom, massage & full reclining, I'd call that a steal.

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