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Make Your Place Female-Friendly

So you’ve got a bed, a couch, and a TV. What more do you really need, right?

That might be true when it’s just you and maybe “your boys” there. However, if you like the thought of having some ladies around, maybe spending the night, there are a few more things you should keep around…

An extra toothbrush

This is always a good idea anyway, but especially so if you think you might have an unexpected overnight guest.

Clean sheets

You should generally never go more than two weeks without changing your sheets, and in my opinion that’s stretching it. However, if you want your bed to seem fresh and inviting, it’s always a good idea to keep a spare clean set ready. I’m not talking about sheets with your favorite team logo on them… they should be good quality cotton, neutral color sheets. Quality white sheets and a nice mattress pad will give you and any potential guests the most high-end hotel like experience.


You shouldn’t have candles around that make your place smell like bath and body works, but having some good neutral smelling candles can be useful for a number of reasons. Good scents can be a mild vanilla, some type of beach smell, or something else along those lines. If you take your time you can also find some sweeter smells that are still masculine.

Candles can serve two important purposes. One, they are good at covering up mild odors without being too obvious about it, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or just that general dude smell that can lurk around sometimes. Two, women tend to like candles and they can be good for setting the mood. Even at a cheap store like Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, you can get some simple looking pillar candles and some attractive glass or metal candle plates. These can go on coffee tables, or bedside tables, and add a nice touch to your place that women will like.

A blanket or throw for your couch

This is am important one… have a soft blanket or throw readily available on or near your sofa. If you are relaxing with a woman on your couch, there is a chance she will feel cold at some point. Having a great soft blanket nearby is a good idea. The better it is, the more she can gush about how it’s the “softest blanket ever!”

You can get inexpensive fleece blankets in a variety of sizes and colors at a store like Bed Bath & Beyond, or you can get higher-end varieties at a department store like Bloomingdales.

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4 responses to “Make Your Place Female-Friendly”

  1. katie says:

    OMG! your such a player! lol but seriously your right. I'm much more likely to "spend the night" when I feel comfortable.

  2. Taylor says:

    I love when a guy has the "softest blanket ever" near the couch! But, if you only use it when girls come over, and it smells like another girl, you should probably wash it before a new girl comes over.

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