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Dude Approved: Montage Beverly Hills

During the summer, while visiting LA, my girlfriend and I walked past this building on N Canon Drive in Beverly Hills. We were not sure if it was condos or a hotel, but we both said something along the lines of “oooooh, I want to live there.”

When we were back in NYC, I took to google street view to figure out what we had walked past. After a bit of research I discovered it was Montage Beverly Hills. There was a restaurant nearby (called Il Pastaio) that we both had really enjoyed, so I decided to book a Valentine’s Day weekend at the Montage.


The Montage proved to be a very high-end, boutique hotel. Unlike many hotels that typically have very strict check-in and check-out times, the Montage asked for my flight information and asked ME what time I would like my check-in and check-out to be. At first I was puzzled and they explained that they try to accommodate whatever our schedule might be. Snow was expected in NYC the day of our flight, so I was concerned about possibly being penalized financially by the hotel if we happened to not arrive on the expected day. However, I was reassured that of course that would not be the case.


In terms of the accommodation,  we had a Deluxe King room, with a balcony and view of the courtyard. The room featured a very well appointed bed, desk, chaise, and coffee table.

The bathroom was large, and featured a double vanity, large bathroom, glass steam shower stall, and separate water closet.

Additionally, they also allow you to pick your own housekeeping and turn down times. Our room was well taken care of our entire stay, and we were not bothered by any housekeeping staff one. Based on my frequent hotel experience, this is quite impressive.


The rooftop pool was extremely impressive, and the poolside lounge chairs were the most comfortable I’ve ever encountered at a hotel. I confess I never actually entered the pool itself, but I did sit by it and enjoy a couple hamburgers and beer. We didn’t use one, but they also offer private pool cabanas.


I know this review was brief, but if you are visiting LA, and are partial to Beverly Hills as I am, I suggest you check out the Montage by visiting their website at

Rates vary by season, but start around $475/night.

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