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Review: F1 Go Clean Bag Set

This a simple thing, but it’s one of those things that might just change your life.

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I stumbled upon the Flight 001 store. I was just walking around town with family, so I didn’t bother buying anything at the time, but I did remark that a lot of the stuff they had was very cool. So, when Christmas came around and I was wracking my own brain trying to come up with gift ideas for myself, I decided to add a few items from Flight 001 to my Christmas list.

On Christmas morning I opened a package to discover that my sister had bought me the F1 Go Clean Set, and travel hasn’t been the same since. The set includes two shoe bags, a laundry bag, and a “stuff” bag. I already own felt bags that I often use for nice shoes, but I would always wrap my casual shoes in something like a used grocery bag. Obviously that does the job, but doesn’t work or look too great. I would always try to jam the clothes I had worn in one of the side pockets of my suitcase, but no matter what the whole bag would start to have that hamper type smell. Having a heavy-duty nylon bag to stuff my laundry in while traveling has been a huge help. It keeps the stinky stuff in one place, and more importantly keeps me from having to smell my socks to see which are clean or dirty! The set also includes a smaller multi-purpose “stuff” bag that can be used for whatever odds and ends you want to keep separate.

I have absolutely no vested interested in if you buy these or not, nor do I have any connection to anyone at Flight 001. With all that said… buy these!

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One response to “Review: F1 Go Clean Bag Set”

  1. Steve says:

    Yep agree, flight 001 have some excellent products, none more so than teh go clean bags!

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