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The Right Way To Shave

Do you shave with disposable razors or use a single blade way longer than you should? If so, it’s time to stop.

Step 1: Get the proper tools

I recommend the following tools:

  • Quality shaving cream 
  • Pre-Shave Oil (optional, but helful)
  • Great badger hair shaving brush
  • A good razor
  • After shave balm, cream or gel (Avoid ones with a lot of alcohol)

Here are some recommended products I personally use:

Step 2: Pick the right time to shave

Most people will suggest shaving after a hot shower, because this tends to soften your facial hair. This is true. However, in my experience, the optimal time to shave also depends on skin type. Speaking for myself, a person with sensitive skin, if I shave after a shower my face tends to become extra dry and sometimes irritated. For that reason, I choose to save before I go to sleep at night. I’m able to do this because I am my own boss, so rarely do I need to look totally clean shaven. So, you could start by shaving after you shower, but pay attention and possibly try some other times to see what gets you the best result.

Step 3: Wet your face (and optionally apply shaving oil)

Run some hot water and apply it to your face. This will help the shaving cream stick to your face and help you get a better shave. At this time, you may also apply some Pre-Shave Oil. I find that if my facial hair is longer than normal, some shaving oil helps the razor tackle it in less time and more comfortably.

Step 4: Lather your face sufficiently and frequently

This is where the shaving brush comes in handy. Typically a dude will smear some shaving gel on his face and start going to town. Taking a bit more care, especially if you have sensitive skin, is really beneficial. Instead, take you shaving brush, dip it in your tub of shaving cream, and in upward motions, apply it to your face. The upward motions are important because the brush will left the hairs and allow you to shave downward in the direction of the hair and get a better shave.

I used to put one coat of shaving cream on my face, but I would end up going over my each area of my skin at least a couple times with the razor. I quickly realized this can easily irritate your skin. If you plan to shave the same area twice, slap another coat of cream on it first and you’ll be glad you did.

Step 5: Shave slowly!

Shaving too fast is one of the biggest mistakes people make. It might still do the job, but you need not rip your face off in the process. You are running a sharp blade down the side of your face, this would be a good time to be careful. if you shave at the right pace, you are less likely to have to go over the same spot multiple times. It is usually best to leave the area around your upper lip and chin for last. This is typically the toughest hair to shave, so might as well give the water, oil, and cream a bit of extra time to work on the hair in these spots.

Step 6: Rinse and soothe

When you’re done with the blade, rinse your face off with some cool to cold water. If you have sensitive skin, using cold water might feel like someone slapped you in the face, so use your judgment.

After you rinse off and pat dry, apply a small amount of your post-shave product.

You are now ready to proceed with your day!

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