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5 Signs She’s Actually Into You

I could go all Jersey Shore on you, and say: well if she’s removed her panties at the bar, is making out with the side of your face, and has only puked once so far, she is probably DTF. However, we’re not talking about the drunken hos of “Karma.” We’re talking about real girls you might actually be dating.

Strong eye contact

Ladies are big with eye contact; they like it and they will judge you on it. Giving good eye contact shows her your are confident and paying attention to her. If she returns equal or stronger eye contact, it’s a very good sign that she’s interested in you.

She smiles at you a lot

Faking a smile for s short time is easy, but smiling constantly because you’re actually enjoying yourself is hard to fake.  One quick way to tell if she’s being genuine is to look for crinkles in the outside corner of her eyes.  A genuine smile is a signal that your moves are working so far.

She actually faces you

There is a big difference between looking at someone and actually facing someone. The first involves just the head, and the other involves the whole body. If you are sitting next to a girl, on a sofa for example, and her body and legs are pointed toward you… this is a good sign that she is focused on you and not scoping the crowd for an escape route.

She talks about sex

I am not talking about necessarily raunchy stuff, or bringing up sex in conversation on purpose… but we are adults. Sex can often come up in conversation in  roundabout ways. Maybe she is telling you a funny story about her girlfriend, or whatever. Either way, if she had no interest in engaging in such activities with you, she won’t share many details or opinions related to sex.

She wants to have another drink

You’re at a restaurant or bar, you’ve had a couple/few drinks, and it’s getting late but you ask if she’d like to have another drink. If she agrees, this is a very good sign that she wants to spend more time with you.  Sure a little alcohol will lower her inhibitions, but it has less do with consuming the alcohol and more to do with the fact that she had a real easy chance to end the date politely, but didn’t.

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