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Are You The Self-Important Guy?

There is a fine line between being passionate about yourself or what you do, and coming across as a dick.

Unless you are curing cancer in babies from an impoverished part of the world, there are lots of more important people than you and me out there… and we should act as such. We might be smart, but we don’t know it all… and we should make that very obvious.

Being open and humble is really important in life, and especially in trying to meet someone to potentially be a relationship with.

I’ve met some nice people over the years, men and women, who had one major flaw. Either they thought they were know-it-alls about everything and/or they acted as if what they do is the most important thing in the world. I’ve had women tell me about guys they’ve met or gone out with who exhibit these traits very strongly and how much of a turn-off it is.

Tough part is, it’s really easy to brag or come off like this, without even realizing it.

I once met a guy who was totally perplexed why no women wanted to date him. Nobody wanted to be honest and tell him it was because he comes off as a know-it-all jackass to everyone he meets… especially someone he is trying to impress.

Do you know anyone who fits this description? Tell us about it.

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