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Chick Poll: Do You Sext?

OK, ladies. Once again we need your help. We are doing some research for our upcoming article(s) about sexting, and we want your insider opinion.

So take the poll, and if you have anything extra to say on the topic, leave some comments!

Do you sext?

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If so, who do you "sext" with?

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One response to “Chick Poll: Do You Sext?”

  1. Yes, I have done it. And just like any other–um, "communication"–I've had with men, the variance in outcomes has run the gamut from thrilling to heartbreaking to downright scary. I have done it with men I've just met (not recommended, by the way) and with men I've been more deeply involved with. It's just like any other interaction between the sexes: it can be a lot of fun with the right man…but it can also go too far if attempted under the assumption that there will be "no strings attached" (I've learned that the hard way). It may seem as though it's all fun and games (and, I suppose, to some it can be). But kid yourself not, if you let you hair down and share too much of yourself–or, let him share to much of himself–you can still get hurt (and so can he). It's like any other kind of male/female interaction: while some knots are tied much looser than others–there are always some strings attached.

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