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Colin Kane Performs To Sold Out House At Gotham Comedy Club

Thursday night, March 3rd, in his first headlining show at Gotham Comedy Club, Colin Kane performed to a completely SOLD OUT crowd (pictured below). I was in the lobby about an hour prior to the show and walk-ins without reservations were being turned away. I can’t tell you exactly how many people were there, but the capacity for the space is listed as 300.

I had an opportunity to speak to Colin, who just returned from a European tour, in the green room prior to going on stage. Asked about his shows in Norway, Colin expressed to me how awesome it was that the European crowds were totally on top of all his material just like New Yorkers are.

As the club began to fill up the line was out the door, with literally every seat being filled by Colin’s dedicated fans. The screen above the stage displayed a live stream of twitter messages mentioning Colin, and kept the crowd entertained before the show began.

Host, Veronica Mosey (@VeronicaMosey), did a great job of warming up the crowd. Any comic who busts out a good Ugg joke starts with a few points in my book. She followed that up with some very funny jokes about dumb girls. I’d try to explain it, but you’re much better off seeing her in person. Veronica Mosey was followed by openers Wil Sylvince (@wilsylvince) and Tom Papa (@tompapa), who both had very strong material. Both their websites are worth checking out. I saw Tom Papa live and laughed my ass off the first time I ever went to Caroline’s on Broadway. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I believe it was about 10 years ago.

Colin Kane was introduced to a loud roar from the crowd. My friends and I were sitting up front, slightly off to the side, so I had a very good view of both the stage as well as much of the crowd. I could visually see how enthusiastic everyone was to be there, including quite a few girls who were trying to eye-f*ck Colin from within the crowd.

Colin did a strong set, a mix of material new and established. Including bringing a girl up on stage, Uggs and all, for a little drunken chat and a little pole dancing on the microphone stand. Colin will pick apart everything from Ugg boots, riding the subway, to shaving your ass. He is the antithesis of some of the lame comedy you’ve probably seen before… edgy… irreverent… truly cutting edge.

Colin ended his set by thanking everyone for coming to support him, followed by a loud round of applause from the large crowd.

As I left Gotham Comedy Club, a group of girls were talking outside about how f*cking funny Colin Kane is. In my experience with his live shows, this is quite common.

So, bottom line, get your ass up and get to a Colin Kane show. His next show at Gotham is on March 19th at 11:45pm, tickets are available now. His full show schedule is available on this website.

Colin Kane’s Official Website

Colin Kane on Twitter

I’ll leave you with Colin Kane on Role-Playing…

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