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Dining With Ms. Kathleen Turner

So, many of you have read my articles on Dining at the Bar and Becoming a Regular.  You may have also seen our mention of how much we love the Showtime show Californication.  What follows is a story about how these all recently came together for me.

Last night, while dining at the bar of a place I am a regular at, I ended up sitting next to none other than Jessica Rabbit herself, Kathleen Turner.  She was by herself, waiting for a friend to join and was reading her Nook.  She ordered a Manhattan, and the bartender went to give me my usual glass of house cabernet (Being a regular sometimes means not needing to actually order.)  To break the ice, I said “a whiskey looks good on such a cold night”, while pointing to Ms. Turner’s drink.  She smiled and we began to chat.  Much to the dismay of my girlfriend, I ended up being pre-occupied and talking to Ms. Turner for the remainder of our meal.  I asked her about her Nook and the food she ordered.  She relayed a funny story about her grandfather finding refuge in a French wine cellar during the WWI Influenza epidemic and how none of them got sick because the alcohol killed off the germs.  She talked about her new Broadway play, High, in which she plays a “foul-mouthed alcoholic nun”, as she puts it, assigned to help a recovering drug addict. I told her of my admiration for her work, including her recent stint as power talent agent Sue Collini in one of the Dude Society’s favorite shows Californication.  She admitted that some of the hilariously raunchy things she had to say on the show she had to first ask the rest of the cast what they meant.  She was a very pleasant, down to earth person to talk to and it made my evening all the more enjoyable.

The moral of the story here is that when dining at the bar, and you’re a regular, you can make new friends and meet interesting people.  It just takes a little to break the ice.  The key is also to be able to gauge when someone is interested in talking to you or they just want to be left alone.  After making a few bits of initial small talk, I stopped talking.  A bit later Ms. Turner then chimed in on something I was talking about.  That was the indication that she enjoyed our conversation and was ok with it.  Learn to recognize and take those cues, whether it’s Kathleen Turner or just a nice girl sitting next to you.

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