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Get Her Laughing… Even If You’re Not Funny

You and your new ladyfriend have already gone on the obligatory drinks-only first date, and maybe followed it up with a lunch or dinner date.  Now what?  You know each other a little better, but not super-well.  If your lady is like me and abdicates most of the decision-making to you, then you might be having trouble coming up with future date ideas that aren’t pretentious (art galleries), expensive (Broadway), or lame (watching TV at home).  A great idea is a comedy club.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a well-known place like Caroline’s or the Upright Citizens Brigade, though those are acceptable options.  I’m talking about a dive comedy place in the basement of a bar.  This type of setting is very intimate, as the small space will force you and your date to sit quite close together, yet it’s also relaxed and informal.  And, thanks to the ubiquitous two drink minimum, there will be a little extra lubrication to make those early date silences a little less awkward.

Finally, and the best reason of all, the comedians will do a lot of leg work for you and your budding relationship.  They will bring up all those topics which are normally verboten in the early stages of dating someone.  Want to know your girl’s opinion on oral sex?  Personal grooming?  Relationships?  Take her to a comedy show.  Not only will her reactions to jokes let you know her thoughts, but you can easily broach the topics after the show, when you take her to the conveniently-located bar upstairs.

One word of warning, if you think she is easily offended, avoid the front row to be safe.

Personal recommendation

Comedy Nights at The Village Lantern

167 Bleecker Street, between Sullivan and Thompson, NYC

(212) 260-7993

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