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Grooming Pick: Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

Most dudes aren’t big on hair products, so if they’re gonna use them, it should be something easy.

Aveda Hair Potion definitely falls into the easy column, and is suited best for fine hair. It will bulk up your fine hair and give you a nice matte texture.

The Hair Potion is actually a powder, that liquefies when it hits your hair or skin. So you literally just need to sprinkle it (sparingly) onto your hair, and then use your fingers to make the style you want. The bottle claims it thickens hair up to 17%, but that actually seems like underselling compared to the actual effects.

This product is best for textured, matte styles, as opposed to slicker styles obtained using wax or pomade.

Aveda Pure Abundance is available for $24 in Aveda Stores, Salons that carry Aveda, and online. It is one of Aveda’s best sellers.

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One response to “Grooming Pick: Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion”

  1. HommeStyler says:

    We've tried this and we have to agree; it's a solid product from Aveda. We'll admit we were completely mesmerized by the powder-to-liquid formulation.

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