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Help Her Lose A Few Pounds Without Being A Dick

Anyone who has ever tried to answer the riddle, “Does this make me look fat?” knows how precariously one must tread when it comes to the subject of weight.  But it does happen that one or both persons in a relationship will gain some weight over time.  It happens to a lot of people and is a function of many things, including work stress, too many commitments, and coming out of the throes of the honeymoon stage of the relationship.  So what happens when your girl has put on a few too many, and it’s starting to affect how attracted you are to her?  How do you approach this topic without coming off like a complete asshole?

Yes, you should love her for her brains, sense of humor, kindness, etc., etc.  But we live in the real world, where looks and physical fitness are components of attraction.  I actually commend a man for wanting his girl to lose a few, rather than simply trading her in for a thinner model.  If you find your libido waning as her waistline is increasing…

Follow these Dos and Don’ts for getting your girl back into shape:

DO tell her you accidentally shrunk/tore/threw away/donated her favorite workout gear and offer to buy her a new workout outfit.

DON’T come home with new workout clothes and say, “Here, I thought you might need these.”

DO tell her you are watching what you eat and ask her to support you by not keeping junk food in the house and not making high-fat or high-calorie meals.

DON’T order a steak and tell her to get a salad.

DO invite her to go to the gym with you (but don’t insist!).

DON’T compare her to the hot MILF on the next elliptical.

DO compliment her often, especially after a workout.

DON’T buy her a scale as a “present.”

DO ask her to go for a walk with you.

DON’T ask her to walk 10 steps behind you until she loses 15 pounds.

However, dudes, keep in mind that attraction works both ways, and ask yourself whether the pot might be calling the kettle fat.

Good luck!

2 responses to “Help Her Lose A Few Pounds Without Being A Dick”

  1. Love your take on this! Sincere support and participation can totally be the motivation needed to get both of you moving together and establishing a healthy household and lifestyle. If you are going to be together for the long haul, you might as well be healthy AND sexy at the same time.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks, Lisa! So often, men and women are lambasted for commenting on their partner’s fitness. Support and constant reassurance are so important for helping your partner get back on track!

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