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Make Your Place Female-Friendly: Part Two

I assume you’ve already studied Make Your Place Female-Friendly Part 1

I’ve received some feedback from our trusted panel of ladies, that while good, a few more things need to be added to this list. So, here we are again, with part 2 of how to make your place friendly for females.

Put Away The Porn

Yes, the time may come when you feel it’s appropriate to whip out your massive porn collection. However, for the time being, put it away. Hide the magazines, stash the DVDs, remove the files from your computer’s desktop… you get the idea. While some women enjoy a little adult cinema, others are offended by it… especially some of the weirder stuff dudes tend to acquire when left to their own devices.

Deal With Your Laundry

This one should be easy. Don’t leave laundry everywhere. Women don’t want to see, let alone smell your dirty clothes, underwear, workout gear, etc. Buy a good, preferably attractive, hamper and use it. Doing your laundry on a regular basis will also help keep your dirty clothes situation under control. G-T-L, baby.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

A girl comes over to your place, asks where the bathroom is… you then realize it’s covered in your hair, shaving cream, and often, urine. Sound like an impression you want to make? I didn’t think so. Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom, including women, but it’s gotta be done. I do have a suggestion to make it easier: buy some Clorox wipes and keep them under the sink. Then, every day or two, just pull out a few wipes and give the surfaces a once over. This won’t replace actually cleaning your bathroom, but it will really help keep things under control.

Keep Some Basics In The Kitchen

I’m not talking about fancy stuff, but it always a good idea to keep some beverages around: bottled water, diet coke… the kind of things ladies drink. If you want to get fancy, you could keep some pita chips and a thing of hummus around… they seem to like that sort of stuff. The main goal is being able to offer something when you have a guest… other than a beer and an almost empty bottle of ketchup.

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Jamie is the Founder of The Dude Society and a New York City based web designer & developer. He really likes telling people how to think, act, and dress.

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2 responses to “Make Your Place Female-Friendly: Part Two”

  1. Random Girl Blog says:

    Excellent ideas that show a little thoughtfulness for your lady friends. Well done. I often return the courtesy for my man friends such as keeping their favorite beer in the fridge, some non-fruit scented bodywash, and of course an extra toothbrush because if I want it again in the morning, I want you to keep it fresh for me.

  2. Laura Palau says:

    Omygod these posts are hilarious. So fun. All great points, both posts #1 and #2. AND – pita chips and hummus, wow, brings me back, haven't eaten that in a year. Bath and Body Works has some more serious (not fruity)-scented candles and they are AMAZING. A boyfriend I had always kept a few of those all over the house, in the kitchen, bathroom, etc., and I was delighted. Also had bottled water always.

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