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Manscaping Downtown

Ok, so we’ve tackled the topic of Manscaping Uptown already. We are now moving downtown… to more sensitive subject matter.

It’s pretty common knowledge that women don’t like hairy backs… other areas are a bit more controversial. However, unless you’re dating one major hippie, I can guarantee you should be busting out the trimmer you purchased during our first manscaping installment. At the time of writing, our manscaping poll shows that women generally prefer a neat, trimmed look..  In general, it makes everything all the more visible and accessible and hey, it might even make you look a bit bigger.

The Main Atraction

Let’s start with the Ham and Eggs. My suggestion, as a starting point, would be to set your trimmer guide at around a #3 setting and trim anything you can reach. Going shorter is an option, but then you risk pinching skin, so you need to use a lot of extra care. Depending on your level of hairiness, some extra work might be in order. There isn’t much of a way to tip-toe around this one, so if you’ve got a hairy shaft… shave it off. Use a razor, as trimming in that area is not good enough. Nobody, man or woman, wants to end up with a mouthful of hair. If you want to get creative with your razor and do some more detailing, it’s up to you.

Ok, we’ve covered the magic wand, but if you want the make the situation more pleasant for your lady, you should also take care of the fruit basket. This takes extra care, but making them clean and smooth is a good option here and it makes them more “touch sensitive.”

Everything Else

The groin area for some guys may not be enough.  If your thighs directly adjacent to your manhood are very hair, take that down a notch or shave it with your razor.  You have taken care of the front, but what about the back?  If there is just light peach fuzz, that’s probably ok, but a big hairy ass is not attractive so you might want to take the razor to that area as well.  As for your legs, I would pretty much leave those alone unless you’re a professional cyclist, but like your arms, if there is extra density, you may want to think it out.  This can be a pain in the ass and time consuming.  Lastly, tops of feet.  Extra hairy dudes should probably take this off.  No one wants to see the top of your flip flop buried in a mound of hair.

The article was aimed at being neat and well groomed, but our poll does indicate a fair share of women like everything gone.  If you are attached to a significant other, it’s worth asking their opinion on the subject before you do anything drastic.

I will give you some general shaving advice. Use a shave cream, not a thick foam or foaming gel. You want to be able to see what you are doing, so your view shouldn’t be obstructed by a bunch of shave foam. Take your time, and rinse your razor frequently.

Happy Manscaping

A manscaping tutorial from Gillette

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9 responses to “Manscaping Downtown”

  1. This should be an official PSA, seriously. They should just hand out copies of this to boys in like junior high so if and when it becomes an issue, they are armed with the necessary knowledge. The ladies owe you a big "thanks" for this one Jamie!

  2. Deus Ex Machina says:

    I know this is about dudes, but I've gone brazilian since I saw my very first hair. Not a sexy thing, I just hate pubes. Mine, at least. My husband has ALWAYS had a buzz cut. Just a little. Probably every 2 weeks. Boy ain't got no shame about it, either. Honestly, though, I do NOT think I'd like brazilian on him. I'm a sucker for the big, hairy, neanderthal thing

  3. Jamie says:

    There are actually spas in NYC that offer male brazilians…. ouch.

  4. I posted a link to this article at Random Girl Blog and got some comments there to share as well.

    Tony says: I keep them trimmed and short otherwise it looks as though I've got a '70s afro down my keks.
    March 13, 2011 3:28 PM

    Anonymous said: I had never really done anything significant to my "personal area" otehr than the occasional trimming until I met my wife three years ago. She's a big fan of shaving everything a couple of times a year and then letting ti grow back to a certain level. She converted me to this philosophy.

    1) we have each other. what this leads too is obvious. It also lets your significant other in on year body from another angle than missionary or her on top.

    2) shaving cream is fine to use, but use sensitive skin of even her (lady) products. It prevents razor burn, makes the growing back process a lot less high maintenance, and feels better.

    3) you get more oral out of it…you just do

  5. Brandon says:

    I personally use Olive Oil when I'm down south, instead of shave cream or any type of gel/foam. When you're in the shower, water will usually run down your body and onto the 'bits and pieces' and you'll lose a lot of shave cream this way. Olive oil stays on, works amazing, and leave the area smooth and semi-moisturized. I have never had razor-burn down there when I've used the EVOO. Not once.

    And I couldn't agree more with the 'hobbit feet' problem. I'm half-greek, and not extremely hairy, but the hair I do have is DARK. I have maybe 12 hairs in total on the tops of my feet, but they do stand out if I'm wearing sandals.

    One problem I run into is the 'beanbag vs inner leg vs thigh' issue. Where is a good place to stop? Again, I'm not as furry as Sasquatch, but there is here up there, and if I have one centric 'bald spot' with hair everywhere else, it just looks funny…

    • Charlie says:

      Brandon, I went to a professional. (I was unsure about the whole thing) He used utter balm and blended my thighs into my crouch. It was worth the money to make sure it looked good and no knicks or cuts.

  6. Josh says:

    Has anyone heard of Balls Balm? Any experience with it? Good/bad?

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