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Manscaping Uptown: Head, Face, Back, Chest, and Arms

We are guys, many of us are indeed quite hairy. Some of us are even exceptionally, disgustingly hairy. If you are in the latter category, this article is even more important for you. I am going to provide you a brief overview of how to deal with your hair from your head to your waist.

Your Head

As a man, you should get your hair cut every 3 – 4 weeks, give or take. People maintaining very short styles might want to go more often, depending on how fast your hair grows. When getting your hair cut, make sure your neck hairline and your sideburns are the way you like them, and that the back of your neck below the hairline is clean. These might be things you think you can clean up at home… but be extremely cautious.

Generally, you want your hair to look grown in a little bit, as opposed to always freshly cut, or worse, buzzed. You mainly want to keep it cut on a schedule that keeps it from looking sloppy. If you have a date coming up, a good idea is to get your hair cut about a week prior. That way it won’t look like you stepped out of the salon chair and met your date.

Your Ears

This is easy. Your ears should have no (visible) hair on them. How you remove it is up to you. Stylists or barbers will sometimes trim it for you, but I’d suggest tipping them extra-well if they do so, because in my mind that’s beyond the call of duty. The easiest way is to buy a multi-purpose trimmer for home. It is cheap, and will come in handy for many body parts.

Your Eyebrows

There are many guys who choose to wax their eyebrows, and perhaps for some this is the right choice. However, I don’t like that crisp-line eyebrow look, and I know many women agree with me when it comes to dude’s brows. I think a little trimming and plucking will usually do just fine. The most important area to keep clear is the uni-brow area, a.k.a. the space between your brows. A pair of tweezers is really all you need, like these great ones from Tweezerman. Plucking hair from this area is easy and doesn’t hurt. The inner tip of your eyebrow should extend just slightly past the corner of your eye. It’s easy to miss hair when doing this, so turn on a bright light and get real close to a mirror. After you take care of the middle, you can use the tweezers to remove any stray hairs along the edges and sides. Leave the tweezers near your toothbrush and this can become part of your ritual.

If you have bushy brows, or a few unusually long brow hairs, you can either try to trim them yourself with a pair of tiny scissors or have your hair stylist do it. My eyebrows are pretty neat to begin with, but my hair stylist will trim any strays he sees without me even needing to ask.

Your Nose

Plucking nose hair hurts like a motherf*cker… so I strongly suggest you get a trimmer that includes a nose attachment (mentioned above). Your nose should not have any visible hair. So get a trimmer and get all up in there, and deal with it. Using a pair of cuticle scissors is also an option, but honestly getting a good trimmer is easier and you’ll feel like less of a girl when using it versus scissors.

Your Beard and Neck

Many 9-5’ers shave every morning. I personally save every few days. How often you shave is really up to you, that is not what this is about. Whether you are clean shaven or rocking four days of growth, it should look clean. By clean, I don’t mean you should shave the edges of your beard and make them razor sharp, that can easily make you look like a douche. You should however, grab your tweezers and get up in the mirror. Many of us, men and women, have random hairs growing out of places on our face and neck. This could just be a small beard hair a little too high on our cheek, or it could be a big f*cker shooting out of the middle of your neck. Either way, yank it! This is especially important for the lower-neck area where you might even have some chest hair creeping up. Get rid of it.

Your Back and Shoulders

This is a tough one, because it’s hard to deal with yourself and women hate it the most. If you happen to have a hairy back, you have a few options. Have it waxed, get laser hair removal, or try using one of those back hair trimmers. I know none of these options sound overly pleasant, but pick your poison…

In terms of your shoulders, you should get rid of hair there too. If you have very hairy shoulders, use whatever method you picked for your back. If you happen to just have a few hairs here and there on your shoulder area, you can use your now-trusty tweezers.

Your Chest and Stomach

Most women agree the right amount of chest hair is attractive. My advice is to make it neat and even. You can use your newly acquired trimmer to deal with this for the most part. Put the guide on then pick a length setting, maybe in the 3-6 range, and go to town. If you you have more hair in one spot than in others, pay special attention to that area and make it even with the rest.

Shaving your chest is not unheard of, but that is more of a personal preference, so you might want to check with your girlfriend or boyfriend before going forward with that plan.

Your Armpits

Unless you’re a professional swimmer, don’t shave your armpits. Mainly you just want to make it so that when your arms are down at your sides, you don’t have a bunch of hair sticking out from between your arms and body. Take your trimmer, and just clean up this area. It will grow back pretty fast, so trim it down whatever amount you’re comfortable with…

Your Arms and Hands

There are not really firm rules when it comes to dealing with arm hair. Since the rest of your upper body is now impeccably groomed, your arms should at least generally fit in. So look at your chest and look at your arms… if your arms are very hairy, you might want to give them a once-over with the trimmer.


Is this a lot of work? It certainly is; and this is only the top half! However, if we want the ladies to keep getting brazilians and keeping themselves all nice for us… this is what we have to do!

Suggested Tools

Check out this Bodygroom Pro trimmer by Philips, this Nose & Ear trimmer by Philips, and these tweezers (they even have a black, manly looking pair).

If you live in New York City and would like to let the pros handle it… check out this guide to the Best Manscaping Spots in NYC.

Keep an eye out for “Manscaping Downtown”, coming soon.

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Jamie is the Founder of The Dude Society and a New York City based web designer & developer. He really likes telling people how to think, act, and dress.

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  1. James says:

    Ok if you really care about body grooming check out the body grooming expert in NYC! He is the manscaping expert using the ancient art of sugaring to clean up that shag while leaving your skin felling like a baby's butt. Sugaring is best for those sensitive to wax as it is all natural and only removes the hair and dead skin cells. So google Rudy Bologna Sugaring and hit him up!

  2. Cliff says:

    I am looking for a body groomer in manhattan new York preferably a male as I also want my privats done

  3. Mark says:

    What beard trimmer do you recommend?

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