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Muji Travel Bottles

The soap, shampoo, and conditioner in hotels pretty much always suck. Even in hotels that are $600 a night or more, they’re only marginally better. Even if they’re good stuff, they are usually really heavily scented.

Bottom line, you’re much better off bring your own stuff from home. Some products are sold in travel sizes, but most aren’t. Enter Muji… Muji is a store that carries various travel and home products. One of the best things they sell is a massive variety of travel containers, from boxes to tubes to tubs to bottles to pumps, you name it. Sure more of the fancy sizes are probably more useful to the ladies, the basic bottles are great for men too.

My favorite is the 3.3 oz (100ml) frosted plastic squeeze bottle (pictured). These bottles are absolutely perfect for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Best of all, they are super cheap, only $1.95 each.

Sure, most drug stores sell little travel bottles, but they pretty much all suck. I’ve had one of these piece-o-crap bottles full of body wash break in my bag. Luckily it was inside a plastic bag and didn’t make a big mess.

Bottom line, go get some of these babies and you can look your best anywhere your travels might take you.

Available in Muji Stores and online.

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2 responses to “Muji Travel Bottles”

  1. Matthew Maurice says:

    Does it have a positive seal on the cap threading? That's were I've seen most squeeze bottles fail. At $1-2 a piece I don't mind the bottles failing (Hell, the lost product is usually worth more than that), but I'm tired of all my toiletries getting covered in whatever liquid was in the failed container.

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