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Review: Clarisonic Pro For Men

I forget exactly when I first heard of Clarisonic, but being a Sonicare toothbrush user for many years, I’ve long been curious about it. I finally decided to bite the bullet and order one.

What is Clarisonic?

In simple terms, Clarisonic is essentially like a Sonicare toothbrush for your face. They were both developed by the same laboratory.

Why should I care?

If you own a Sonicare toothbrush like I do, you probably consider it one of those things that you wouldn’t give up. Could you brush you teeth without it? Sure… but you just know they wouldn’t feel as clean. When I am on a long trip, my Sonicare battery dies and I’m forced to use my backup manual toothbrush. It makes me sad.

I’ve only been using the Clarisonic for about a week, but I can easily see similar feelings developing for it. Despite taking meticulous care of my face on a regular basis, my skin is feeling particularly smooth, and the required effort was relatively minimal. Additionally, some of the redness I typically suffer from appears to be improving.

What it does

The Clarisonic brush vibrates very fast and gently but effectively removes any crap that might be on your face. For women this might include makeup… but for men this would primarily be oil, dirt, dead skin, and all the other junk you probably don’t know you’re exposed to.

The Clarisonic comes in four different models: Mia, Classic, Plus, and Pro, with the Pro being the best. The available settings vary by model and include vibration speed and timer duration. The Pro model has four speed settings, and starts at the lowest by default. I found the lowest settings to be too soft for my skin, but that is a personal preference. I’ve mostly been using speed setting #3.

Similar to a Sonicare, the Clarisonic has a built-in timer to help you clean each area of your face for the proper amount of time. The default timer will run for one minute, alerting you at a few internals to move from your forehead, to nose, to cheeks, etc. Maybe it’s because I have a big dude head, but I opted to use the two minute timer, which does exactly the same thing but each interval is twice as long.

Why men should use it

By now you might be thinking this sounds like chick stuff, and yes, women are probably the main market for this product. However, the good people at Clarisonic did make a nice gray model (as opposed to the spectrum of colors aimed at women). You could think of it as wet-sanding your face.

Ok, but really, getting your face clean and smooth will help for a variety of reasons. You’ll be able to get a better shave, you’ll probably look better… and when you get up close and personal with someone, your skin will feel better to the touch.

I suffer from seborrhoeic dermatitis. This is a skin condition, that basically causes my facial skin to be flaky and quite red if not carefully managed. This means I typically keep my face very clean, and exfoliate every day. My usual products are Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, Skin Prep Scrub, and Gentle Cream Exfoliant. I also have a prescription product called Ovace, which is made specifically for seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Typically when I use all these products, I end up with a good result that I would rate similarly to the end result when using the Clarisonic. The difference is, cleaning with the Clarisonic takes about 2 minutes, but doing a similar process with a wash, scrub, and sometimes, mask can take 15-30 minutes.

How you use it

The setup is very basic. Although I was already expecting it, I was slightly disappointed that the Clarisonic requires an initial 24 hour charge before first use. After that, it charges much more quickly. Each charge last 30 minutes, which may not sound like a lot but it is considering you’re only using 1-2 minutes at a time, typically.

Whether you have your own gel or liquid face wash, or you use one of the three sample products that are included with the Clarisonic, the process is quite simple. You wet your face like you normally would and apply the cleaner to your face with you hands. Now, instead of scrubbing and washing it off like you might normally, you wet the Clarisonic brush and start cleaning by applying the brush to your face in small circular motions. Once the timer is done, rinse off the brush and rinse off your face. You should follow that up with your toner and moisturizer of choice. That is all.

I’ve seen some other reviews of Clarisonic that complain about water splashing around and being messy, and yes this is potentially an issue. However, if you shake off excess water off the brush before turning on the Clarisonic, it shouldn’t be a problem.


The Clarisonic Pro is an impressive product. For the almost $200 price tag, I planned to return it if I wasn’t satisfied. I’m happy to report, I plan to keep it. Although it may not eliminate the need to use other exfoliation methods from time to time, it definitely eases my day to day routine.

Official Clarisonic Website

If you have any questions, post them below and I’ll do my best to respond.

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5 responses to “Review: Clarisonic Pro For Men”

  1. Ben says:

    I have one on the way, and I'm looking forward to trying it :)

  2. Dake says:

    I have seborrhea as well. You like the dermaliguca products?

    • Jamie says:

      Yes, I like the products, BUT they are not specifically intended for that condition. So, depending on your severity, you should talk to a dermatologist and see what they suggest in terms of treating the condition. I have an Rx sulfur was that can be used on face and body. I don't really need it on my face, but it could potentially be useful for you if you haven't already tried it. I think it's a generic version of Ovace.

  3. joellie2010 says:

    Does the clarisonic give a full remission of tiny flaking result for SD? and if so how often you use it?

    • Jamie says:

      Admittedly I have been lazy about using it recently. Generally speaking, you are intended to use it once or twice daily when you wash your face. I use other exfoliating products as well, so it's hard for me to say exactly how much relative impact the clarisonic has vs the other stuff. The flaking from SD is most related to build-up on your skin, so it really is a case by case thing. I'd say it's probably worth a shot.

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