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Review: Peepshow at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

When a dude goes to Vegas, there are (generally) only a few things on his mind: gambling, booze, and boobs.  While I can’t give you any tips on how to beat the house in blackjack, I can recommend an awesome show where you can get your booze and boobs on and – gasp – take your lady.

Peepshow at Planet Hollywood is a fantastic spectacle of immaculate costumes, beautiful women, and intricate choreography.  Holly Madison (@hollymadison), who you might recognize from Playboy, the Girls Next Door, or Holly’s World, plays Bo Peep, a timid girl who becomes sexually awakened as the show progresses, culminating with her flinging her clothes off and embracing her sexual freedom.

When I saw this show, my group was seated in the VIP section, which is the equivalent of floor tickets at a concert.  We were right in front of the stage and had amazing views of the entire show—we could even see Holly’s bunny tattoo.  These tickets do come at a premium, but they also come with a free full-color Peepshow program (usually sold separately), and optional bottle service.

If you don’t want to drink or spent most of your money gambling, there are cheaper seats that don’t come with waitress service.  A plus of these seats is that you have even better views of some of the action than people in the front rows.  The stage has three pieces which jut out from the main stage, so some of the action—like an intricate swing scene—actually take place behind people in the front rows.

Here’s why you’ll like it:  Topless women dancing around you for two hours, stripper pole routines, and an elaborate scene on a swing.  Need I say more?

Here’s why she’ll like it:  Unlike shows which feature artificially enhanced women, Peepshow celebrates the female body by embracing gorgeous, natural, and athletic women.  Its high production quality, expert choreography, and lighthearted storyline make the show as interesting for her as for you.

The Dude Society will update this review after seeing the show again in early April, when Holly’s understudy, Angel Porrino, will be performing.

Show Details:

Where: CHI Showroom at Planet Hollywood

When: 9:00pm show time Thursday – Friday and Sunday – Tuesday;
8:00pm and 10:30 pm show times on Saturdays

Tickets: from $84.55 (tax/fees incl.)

For more information:

Peepshow Official Website
Peepshow on Facebook
Peepshow on Twitter

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