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The Sex Files: Everywhere But The Bedroom

My girlfriend keeps suggesting we should spice up our sex life…. any suggestions?

Yes! A million!  For today though, let’s go with non-bedroom sex.  I’ll divide this into two categories: private non-bedroom sex and public non-bedroom sex.

Private non-bedroom sex

So this is a great place to just go a little nuts (pun intended) – be creative!  You know what feels good to you, but there are tons of ways to have exciting sex in parts of your home that are not the bedroom.

A few suggestions:

  • Floor – careful for rug burn, although many enjoy the sensation of mild pain combined with pleasure
  • Facing each other using bathroom countertop – man standing, woman sitting on counter, often a great height for hitting her g-spot – more on this later
  • Doggy-style against the kitchen counter – often a bit high for facing each other
  • On the couch – not lying down, any other contortion of your body is acceptable: on the arms, on the back, one person on the floor, one person standing, etc.
  • The good old shower (’nuff said)
  • Last but not least, to segue to public non-bedroom sex, on your deck/balcony/patio.

The options are endless… practice makes perf… uh… orgasms.

Public non-bedroom sex

If anyone out there has been watching Kim and Kourtney Take New York (no, you don’t have to admit to it), Kourtney and Scott went for this in a recent episode, not wanting Kim to hear them banging.  They ventured into two bathrooms – in the gym and at a photo shoot in a hotel.  I probably wouldn’t have recommended the latter, and it ended up getting them into an awkward situation.

Two rules to public non-bedroom sex: it has to be clean, and make sure your numbers are right. In other words, it should either be deserted or it should be packed.

Some potential locations:

  • Stairwell that no one uses
  • Large untraveled park
  • Deserted parking lot
  • Bathroom of a packed club
  • Beach or ocean with tons of people around

The perfect place?  Perhaps a combination of both… A deserted kitchen area closed off to the rest of a packed bar, for example.  As fun as spontaneous public sex can be, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared and practice safe sex! If you’re planning ahead, some methods of cleanup might come in handy.

Good positions for most public non-bedroom type locations are doggy style (all flavors), facing each other with one person lifted against a wall, and depending on the surroundings, cowgirl/reverse cowgirl with the dude sitting up.

Oh, and don’t get caught.

A last word of caution. We are not promoting exhibitionism or any act that could be illegal. You should use your own judgment and assess any risks you might be taking.

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Dr Laila is a dude-lover and therapist extraordinaire. She holds a legitimate PhD in Clinical Psychology and practices as a sex therapist with all kinds of people. She's overly opinionated, sarcastic, and pretty damn smart.

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