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4 Ways To Avoid Looking Frumpy

Sometimes we spend a while getting ready; other times we want to be up and out as quickly as possible. Being is a hurry is cool, especially if you’re a New Yorker, but you shouldn’t neglect your appearance entirely. If you’re single, you never know who you might meet randomly, so being presentable at all times is the way to go.

Your hair should look clean

You might expect me to say “don’t have messy hair,” but think about it… lots of celebs and models have really messy hair styles and do just fine. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of time on your hair in the morning, but it should look clean and like you didn’t just roll out of bed.

I am very pro-shower, but if you just don’t have time, you should get a product like KMS Makeover Spray (yes, I actually own this). It is a dry aerosol spray that pretty quickly absorbs excess oil, gives it some texture, and makes your hair look cleaner/fresher. This is also good for freshening up later in the day even if you showered that morning (this is mainly what I use it for).

Although your hair style can be messy and you can still look put together, you should keep your sideburns and rear hairline in check. I’m not saying it should be razor sharp, that’s not a good look either, but it should look well kept. Many decent salons will give your free touch-ups between full haircuts, so there’s no good excuse for looking sloppy. You can always tell when you’re standing behind a dude who hasn’t gotten his hair cut in a while, his neck look like shit.

Your skin should look clean

This varies from person to person, but many people have oily skin to some degree. Meaning if you don’t wash your face it will quickly begin looking shiny, due to excess oil on the surface. Although it’s gross, many guys won’t notice this or care much about it… but women will certainly notice it. Believe me.

You can control oil a few ways:

  • Wash your face with cleanser
  • Astringent and a cotton ball
  • Oil absorbing sheets
  • Oil controlling moisturizers (should be used when your skin is clean)

Your shoes should look clean

I’m not saying you need to polish your shoes as if you’re in the military… but you don’t want to walk around looking like you just stepped in dust, mud, dog crap, etc. So, be it sneakers, or nicer shoes, keep them in decent condition. If it’s time to replace those aging Puma sneakers… log on to zappos and f*ckin’ do it.

If it means taking some quick shine wipes to your leather shoes, or a rag and some fantastik to your sneakers, take a few minutes and do it.

Your clothes should fit well and not be wrinkled

The time of baggy jeans and giant shirts being in-style has long past. Even the famous dudes who used to wear that crap have moved on to tailored clothes and bow ties. Not saying you should wear a bow tie, but just giving it as a point of reference.

I remember one day in college, I showed up to class in a button down shirt from Banana Republic. Numerous people asked “why I was dressed up?” Just because I wasn’t wearing a massive hoodie, giant sweatpants, and Adidas sandals… I was “dressed up.” Sheesh.

I plan to take a lot of opportunities to talk about fit, so I am going to keep it short here. Wear clothes that fit. “Fit” does not just mean “Not too small.” Many guys think clothing “fits” as long as it fits on to their body. Wrong.

Even a basic t-shirt from the Gap can look terrible if it’s too big on you. It all starts in the shoulders, we talked about this with jackets as well. When trying on any shirt, if it doesn’t fit in the shoulders, put it back. A shirt that’s hanging off your body, or has a bunch of extra fabric in the mid-section, will make you look frumpy. This goes for any type of shirt.

Girls will often say that a guy can be really sexy in jeans and a t-shirt. Do you think they are talking about a t-shirt that fits? Or some XL piece of crap he bought thinking that was his size…?

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Jamie is the Founder of The Dude Society and a New York City based web designer & developer. He really likes telling people how to think, act, and dress.

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3 responses to “4 Ways To Avoid Looking Frumpy”

  1. Zach Horwitz says:

    I like this article – I should consider paying attention to how I look once in awhile

  2. jame5isonline says:

    Cool, I wasn't aware of the properties of Astringent until this article made me check it out. I'll have to pick some up.

    • Jamie says:

      Great. If you want something you can carry around more easily, Clean & Clear also makes oil-absorbing sheets.

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