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Delta Flight Attendants Show Mr. Douchebag Who’s Boss

I would like to share a short story with you…

My girlfrined and I were in Waikiki, Hawaii for a week recently. Returning to NYC we took a red-eye flight from Honolulu and connected to an early morning flight from San Francisco back to New York City.

I discovered on the outbound flight that, being a fairly tall guy, the seats on the Delta 757 were not intended for me. So, on the way back we were lucky enough to score an inexpensive first class upgrade. Anyway, I digress… So we are on line waiting to pre-board and this guy silently goes around the line and skips past quite a few people politely waiting their turn. We thought he was a jackass, but didn’t think much of it.

Fast forward a few minutes, to us seated in first class on the plane. The flight attendants are abuzz about some douche bag in row 1. I peer over from my row 6 seat and confirm that it’s mister-line-skipping-dick from a few minutes ago. To make matters worse, a lady walks down the aisle and needed to get over to the window seat of row 1, but mister-dick evidently refused to move… so the lady was spread eagle, trying to climb over him.

Long story short, exacerbated by the fact the flight was going to be over the ocean, the female flight attendants declared ‘it’s him or me’ and called in security to haul his ass off the plane, not to return. The flight attendants spent the next while gossiping with passengers about how they showed that guy who was boss.

Turns out he was a doctor, likely flying back from the very same neurologist convention that enabled us to have a free trip to Hawaii. My point is, you can be a doctor and still get your ass hauled off a plane by a scary looking woman for being an asshole…

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2 responses to “Delta Flight Attendants Show Mr. Douchebag Who’s Boss”

  1. Glad that there is still hope that douche bags will indeed get what's coming to them for being dicks in public. Hooray for the flight attendants handling it before take off instead of being trapped in the air with him for far too long. I had a guy removed from a flight no too long ago for refusing to turn his DVD player off for take off after being asked 3 times. We were an hour late taking off because of that idiot. Common sense and manners, two things that should always be packed for any trip.

  2. bradmcnett says:

    Haha. That is awesome.

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