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SPANX For Men Cotton Compression Tank Versus RIP’T Fusion Crew Neck Tank

SPANX For Men Cotton Compression Tank Left and RIP’T FUSION Crew Neck Tank Right. Both in size Medium.

I will start off by saying that I own both of these garments. So, this is not some speculative, theoretical review like those which exist elsewhere.

Many of us pack on a few pounds now and then, but at the same time we’d also like to continue wearing our normal clothes without looking like a stuffed sausage. If the ladies get to squeeze their slightly enlarged asses into SPANX all the time, why can’t we jam our love handles into a tank top that will make us look a bit slimmer when we need it?

That’s where both these products come into play. The RIP’T Fusion shirt was released first, so I’ve worn that many times. I’ve owned both their v-neck t-shirt as well as the tank pictured. More recently I also acquired the SPANX tank in both white and black. So, at this point, I’m in a good position to compare the two.


The SPANX is $55 MSRP, and the RIP’T is $58 MSRP… so unless you care that much about $3, price isn’t really a deciding factor. If you look on Amazon, you might be able to find each at a slight discount.


This is the bigger distinction between the two garments. While the SPANX is entirely an 81/19% cotton/spandex blend, the RIP’T tank has a midsection panel that is 82% polyester and 18% spandex, the idea being it will hold in your chubby parts more securely. One unfortunate side-effect of this synthetic panel is the likelihood you will sweat (as I did) when it’s warm out, as synthetic material typically doesn’t breath very well.

Getting them on

The whole idea behind these garments is buying a size that will be snug. I am typically a medium shirt, so I ordered a medium in both the RIP’T and the SPANX. They both fit, but be prepared, as getting them on can be a challenge. The RIP’T tank is a thinner material, so tends to have more give to it. Hence, the RIP’T shirt is easier to put on. The SPANX tank is made out of a thicker, stretch cotton. It takes a bit more struggle to get on. I joked on the first try that I thought I might break a rib. I was being sarcastic, but it is a tight squeeze. At the same time, that is the point.

Wearing them

When on, both garments feel relatively similar. I’ll be honest with you, as I always am, they both feel like you’re wearing an uncomfortably tight undershirt. That said, you get used to having it on, and it isn’t that bothersome.

Sometimes, you might be wearing them under a dress shirt and the dress shirt will be tucked in your pants. In this case, both the garments perform pretty equally.

However, when wearing an untucked piece of clothing, such as a sweater, I found a problem. The combination of cotton and synthetic panels on the RIP’T shirt frequently causes what you’re wearing over it to ride up due to friction. For example, if you’re wearing a sweater and moving around a bit, you may have to adjust yourself pretty frequently. This is bothersome. For this reason, I recommend SPANX when wearing an untucked shirt.

Pros and Cons

RIP’T Pros

  • Came to market first (for men)
  • Easy to put on
  • Offered in big & tall sizes

RIP’T Cons

  • Seems to become slightly less effective with wear
  • Some outer clothing will ride up and need frequent adjusting


  • Made by company with lots of slimming experience
  • Behaves like a normal shirt once on
  • Offered in white, gray, and black


  • Tough to get on and off, thicker cotton tends to bunch


I’ve seen men ask if these look or feel like “regular” undershirts, and the answer is flat out “No” on both counts. If you follow my general undershirt rules, any undershirt should be invisible anyway. If someone sees you wearing SPANX or RIP’T, it will be pretty obvious what you’re up to. I typically hate wearing undershirts, hence why I decided to buy the tank versions of these (crew and v-neck t-shirts are also available for both brands). I didn’t want to have to worry about hiding t-shirt sleeves under some of my clothing.

While they are both good products, and do what they claim, I have to give the Dude Society endorsement to SPANX for Men. I give RIP’T credit for coming to market with their product first, but the ride-up issue with the RIP’T is quite annoying at times. If you purely plan to wear one of these with a dress shirt, this will be less of an issue for you.

Where to buy

RIP’T Fusion is available from their website.

SPANX for Men is available via the SPANX for men website and in some department stores.

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