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The Bathing Suit You Should Be Wearing, By Onia

Spring is here, and before your know it summer will be upon us. This means, be it the local pool, driving up to Cape Cod, or chillin’ at Tao Beach in Vegas, chances are you are going to end up in a bathing suit. You could pull out that pair of giant, crazy board shorts that almost reach your ankles and makes you look like a 12 year old surfer… Or, you could upgrade your game with a new suit by Onia.

Onia Packaging, which includes an outer clear zip bag and travel pouch. Photo by Me.

I was lucky enough to gain early access to Onia’s new Charles Trunk, in black. Call me boring, but my favorite kind of bathing suit is basic black trunks that fit well. The Onia suit definitely fits the bill. I haven’t had the opportunity to actually enter the water with it yet, but I am otherwise impressed thus far with Onia’s product. The suit appears well made, it is cut well (not too short, not too long, as many trunks are), and has nice details, including: branded drawstring eyelets and zipper pull. I am partial to black trunks because they tend to generally be the most flattering on guys. Let’s be honest, some of us pack on a few extra pounds now and then. If you wear a loud bathing suit, it will draw attention right to your waistline.

Shopping for a Bathing Suit

If you’ve tried to shop for a new bathing suit recently, you’ve probably noticed your options are a clusterf*ck of overly busy patterns, strange colors, and downright weird cuts. Any pieces of sanity you’re able to find are few and far between. I am still clinging to a pair of plain black trucks I got at Club Monaco a few years ago, despite them being 100% polyester and making loud swishy noises. I’m well aware of the lack of options for dudes in this area.

Sure, you could go somewhere like Vilebrequin and get yourself a fancy pair of trunks… but you might want to ask yourself a question first. “Do I want to look like a massive douche?” Or, do you want to look like a confident guy who who doesn’t need some obnoxiously loud bathing suit to show who you are.

Background on Onia

This is where Onia comes in. Onia was created by Carl Cunow, formally of Steven Alan, a guy who was facing this same bathing suit conundrum when he decided to solve the problem by designing his own. The result is a collection of classic beachwear, that won’t make you look like a tool.

Calder Trunk in Red

Onia suits are made from a unique cotton / nylon fabric that is more comfortable than the typical bathing suit and dries faster too. Sounds basic enough, true, but it makes the suit feel more like a combination between a typical bathing suit and a pair of shorts.

Left to Right: Alek in Navy, Calder in Ocean Stripe, Charles in Red, Amaury in Khaki

They are available in a selection of distinct styles (pictured) and colors for $130 USD.

Onia is available online via their official website and in select retail stores, including theory, rogan, and steven alan. A full listing of retail stores can be found here.

Onia may also be found on twitter @oniany.

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  1. These are classy yet sexy. Great pick!

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    beautiful product!

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