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The Sex Files: Where the F is the G Spot?

Can you please explain the whole g-spot thing in non-scientific terms?  And, how do I do something to it?

The mysterious, elusive, and fabulous g-spot (Grafenberg spot). It’s an area on the inside of a woman’s vagina that can be accessed from inside the vagina (on the side facing her belly) and/or from the belly pushing down on the vagina (just pushing on the belly will not provoke orgasm, or we women would be a lot happier, believe me).  It’s an area that for many women will evoke a strong orgasm (and a different kind of orgasm) if stimulated correctly – using fingers, a toy, or a penis.

The diagram to the right shows how to position your fingers to locate and stimulate the g-spot (it feels a bit rough or ridged).  It’s easiest to do this if the woman is lying on her back with her legs apart, and with a pillow under her butt to elevate the vaginal opening a bit.  The key here is firm and repeated pressure, not light stroking.  It can be helpful to place a flat palm on her stomach right above the area too, to get at it from both sides.  She may feel strange at first, like she needs to pee or it tickles: keep going! (unless of course she really tells you to stop, in which case stop).  With some practice and good technique, she’ll have a pretty intense orgasm and possibly ejaculate.  If fingers don’t work, there are also vibrators for sale that target this area.

I love having sex with my girlfriend in the morning when we wake up, but she has terrible morning breath… any suggestions? I don’t wanna offend her.

Ah yes, morning breath.  Most of us suffer from some variation – and for some of us, it can really be bothersome and a huge turnoff!  Seems like you have two options:  One is to find a way to hint or directly tell her that it’s distracting to kiss her or smell her breath before she’s brushed her teeth. One way to do this is to suggest you both get up and do it.  The other is to avoid kissing her on the mouth and choose positions in which you’re not face to face.  Some suggestions: doggy style, spooning, reverse cowgirl, or have her lie back on the bed and you on the edge (which is a great compromise because she can still look at you, but you’re far enough away the smell might not reach you).

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Dr Laila is a dude-lover and therapist extraordinaire. She holds a legitimate PhD in Clinical Psychology and practices as a sex therapist with all kinds of people. She's overly opinionated, sarcastic, and pretty damn smart.

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5 responses to “The Sex Files: Where the F is the G Spot?”

  1. So THAT'S why the last guy I was with put a pillow underneath me.
    It didn't work.

  2. Dr Laila says:

    Could be one reason. But at the end of the day, a pillow won't compensate for a small, inexperienced, or unskilled laborer :) (no, not hating on the smaller men, it just makes it harder to hit the G if your girth is limited).

  3. Jamie says:

    Ha, maybe. Or, depending on the dude's height and position, propping you up a few inches can make getting the job done a bit easier

  4. Dr Laila says:

    A suggestion for those interested in exploring the pillow option further. Great products

  5. Jewels says:

    Gentleman (and ladies) it is worth working on with your lover until he finds how your particular spot works…the difference in orgasm is unreal and well worth the effort!

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