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How To Make Dude Society Long Weekend Punch

Big three-day weekend coming up and I’m sure plenty of you are planning a party or going to one.

You can go the typical route of filling a cooler with beer, but if you want something a little more intoxicating, tasty, and fun, try making some DS punch.

DS Punch Recipe

  • 2 Cups Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice (about 20 Limes)
  • 2 Cups Sugar
  • 8 Cups (Half Gallon) of strong brewed black tea
  • 2  Bottles (750ml/each) of Dark Rum (such as Goslings)

This will make approximately 20 – 25 servings.

To prepare

  1. Mix the hot tea with the sugar until it has dissolved.
  2. Refrigerate until cool and then add in the lime and rum
  3. Keep refrigerated, and add big chunks of ice just before guests arrive.

A few pointers:

  1. Don’t add ice to the punch until guests arrive. You don’t want the punch to get watered down too soon.  Watering down isn’t all bad, because as time passes and people drink more, the punch will get less potent.
  2. Use large chunks of ice if possible (larger surface area = more effective). If you have the proper tools, you can make your own large ice blocks by freezing water in milk or juice cartons and then cutting away the carton, or you can even use water balloons.
  3. If scaling the recipe up to make a larger batch, make sure you taste it and adjust the ingredients; sometimes the ingredients get out of whack as you multiply the volume.

That’s it, simple.  Have a great weekend!!

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Rich is the resident food & drink expert. He's been cooking since age ten, and has probably eaten and drank at most every restaurant or bar in New York City.

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One response to “How To Make Dude Society Long Weekend Punch”

  1. Zara mausolf says:

    Hi I’d just like to clarify something. The larger pieces of ice have a smaller surface area, not larger, than smaller pieces of ice for equal volumes of ice. Therefore they cool the drinks less efficiently, and melt much more slowly and water down the drinks slowly.

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