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Mother’s Day Heads Up

I’m sure you didn’t forget this Sunday was Mothers Day. After partying on Cinco de Mayo was your head that cloudy? Here are a few tips all Dudes should follow to treat the lady of All Ladies right, your mom.

  1. Flowers are a simple gesture that all Moms love. Read our article on choosing the right flowers.
  2. Don’t send an e-card or other informal online gesture. No Facebook, or e-mails.
  3. If you mother is in close proximity, maybe treat her to dinner or brunch. Many places have special meals for the day but it’s getting late so try to find one quickly. Or better yet, use one of our cooking articles to make mom dinner at her house. Surely, her kitchen is stocked better than yours (unless you read this article).
  4. Want to earn extra points with your girlfriend, send her mom flowers too.
  5. If for some reason none of the above work for you, at the very least call her and tell her you love her. It’s the least you can do. And, don’t forget Grandma too!

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Rich is the resident food & drink expert. He's been cooking since age ten, and has probably eaten and drank at most every restaurant or bar in New York City.

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