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What The Hell Is A Pore Strip?

You are probably asking yourself, “What the f*ck is a pore strip?” Usually, if we are talking about a strip, it’s either “the strip” in Vegas, or “strip”-pers.

Today, we are talking about strips of a different kind… Biore pore strips, to be exact. This is another product that has a girls-only stigma, so I’m going to show you how to use a pore strip and what to expect.

The before picture

This is what a basic pore strip looks like. It’s a strip of white paper attached to a clear plastic backing. Pretty simple. This is the nose shape, but they also make rectangular versions that are intended for use on the forehead.

How to use the pore strip

First, wash your face as you normally would. I also suggest applying moisturizer to the area on which you’re not planning to use a strip.

If your nose is already dry, re-wet it. Your nose needs to be wet for the strip to properly adhere, but your hands should be dry.

With a wet nose and dry hands, peel the plastic backing off the strip.

To apply the strip, you should line up the center of the strip with the center of your nose. Apply the center first and then use your fingers to smooth the left and right sides on to your nose. This is very important, because you want the strip to be as flat against your skin as possible. At this point you can re-wet your fingers and use some extra water to smooth the strip on to your nose.

You should now look something like this…

Now, you wait.

You need to let the strip air-dry, until it is completely dry. If you remove it too soon, it won’t work right. This should take about 15 minutes, but I usually leave it on longer just to be sure. Watch an episodes of some show while you wait, and you should be good to go.

After the strip is 100% dry, you want to SLOWLY pull it off, starting at the sides. Now, the strip adheres pretty tightly to your skin, so feeling like you’re peeling plaster off your face is normal.

Besides just sticking to your skin, the strip will adhere to the junk that is stuck in your pores and pull it out as you remove the strip. You may not be ready for what comes out.

After the strip is completely removed, you should rinse off the sticky residue left by the strip.

It’s a tad gross, but I took a close up shot of my post-use strip.

The after picture

Keep in mind, this is the strip of someone who cleans their face every morning and night with a Clarisonic, plus various other products. So, depending on your skin, you may have way more gunk on the strip when you’re done.

Doing all this might be a pain in the ass, but you do get pretty satisfying immediate visual proof of all the shit you got out of your skin.

The most common pore strip brand is Biore. They can be purchased at pretty much any pharmacy, and online at Amazon.

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5 responses to “What The Hell Is A Pore Strip?”

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  2. Steve says:

    These things are good, and yes regular use does make the nose less blocked, but I have heard that over use damages the skin in the long term from the ripping effect?!

    • Jamie says:

      Never heard of rippling effect specifically. I've never seen any negatives myself, but some people think they are rough on the pores…

  3. Mariah says:

    You should enter into the Biore Hot Guys in Pore Strips contest here:… … :)

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