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Converse Chuck Taylor ‘AS Coast’: Masculine Espadrille Alternative

Converse Chuck Taylor 'AS Coast' in black (size 13)

So for the moment, let’s look past the fact that I have the whitest legs ever…

I make no secret of my Converse obsession, but this week I found a new Converse style I had never seen before.

Espadrilles seem to be all the rage these days. Women have been rocking them for a while now, and more recently less feminine versions have been popping up. The concept is appealing… a lightweight canvas shoe, worn without socks, that is real easy to slip on and off. Sounds good on paper. However, speaking for myself, I think espadrilles looks pretty weird on men. Some guys can pull off that look, but not me.

So, discovering these low-profile, thin-soled converse came at just the right time. The ‘AS Coast’ Chuck has no removable insole like most other Converse styles do. The rubber outsole is also significantly thinner than normal. The results is a very slim, but comfortable shoe.

This style shoe is more narrow than your typical Converse, so it’s important to pair them with clothes of a similar proportion. For example, throwing them on with your everyday jeans, will likely look funny. You’re better off pairing them with a slim khaki, or some tailored shorts.

They are offered in black, grey, olive, cranberry, navy, and parchment. Best of all, they are only $39.95. Can’t beat that.

I bought the black pair at a Nordstrom store, and have the grey and navy versions on their way from

I typically purchase my Converse from Zappos, or a Converse retail store… but Nordstrom seems to be exclusively offering this style.

You can check them out for yourself on

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3 responses to “Converse Chuck Taylor ‘AS Coast’: Masculine Espadrille Alternative”

  1. Love these! Casual with class. Now there is officially no reason to see deck shoes in the city.

  2. Derrick says:

    I actually just got a pair for myself today. Grey ones. They are AWESOME!

    • Jamie says:

      That's awesome. I have the grey too (and the blue and black). The grey are the only ones I've worn so far.

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