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Don’t Like Something About Yourself? Change It.

First of all, I’m not one for hypothetical motivational bullshit. I am, however, going to drop some practical motivational bullshit on you…

In our day to day routines, we all tend to get in a rut now and then, or just become complacent. We settle for stuff as it is, despite knowing we might enjoy life more if things were a little different. If a kick in the ass never comes along, you end up staying as you are, quite possibly not satisfied with yourself or your life.

Don’t like how you look?

Now, I’m not telling you to go get a face-lift, unless you really want one. However, there are small, low cost, things you can do to improve your appearance. Such as:

  • Take better care of your skin, check-in with a dermatologist
  • Upgrade your haircut and do it often
  • Whiten your teeth, go to the dentist regularly, and see an orthodontist if you need it
  • Get some new clothes and donate the old ones
  • Get a massage or some other spa services you enjoy

Not in good shape?

I know working out kind of sucks, but is not exercising worth feeling like shit…? The answer is no. So even if it’s baby-steps, get off your ass and go for a run, or bike ride. Join a new gym, or a kickball team (you can even meet some chicks at the same time). If you have the cash, get a personal trainer. He or she will get your ass into shape and you’ll feel awesome.

Is your apartment or house lame?

Moving isn’t always an option, but getting some new stuff to change up the place is pretty easy. Paint some walls, get a new couch, or buy that giant-ass new TV you’ve wanted for a while and have a party.

Tired of your friends?

Now, I’m not hating on your friends… but it can never hurt to make some new ones, especially if you’re single. If you hang out with the same group of people all the time, as great as they are, you can get into a very restricted routine.

Bored at work?

Plan a trip to your favorite place, or a new place you’ve never been. Having a trip to look forward to always makes work seem less monotonous. Or, if your job really does suck, look for a new one, and quit!

Give us some ideas

These are just a few ideas of things you can do to spice up your routine and refresh yourself. Let us know what other stuff you’ve done.

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Jamie is the Founder of The Dude Society and a New York City based web designer & developer. He really likes telling people how to think, act, and dress.

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2 responses to “Don’t Like Something About Yourself? Change It.”

  1. Johnnie at GentlemanREDUX says:

    I agree with this post 100%. I know some will say, "It's not that simple," but being yourself is one of those exceptions in life where "yes," it is in fact that simple.

    Other ideas:
    If you're bored at home – get a hobby. Write, play a sport, join a club – just get up and do something.

    If you don't feel like you've been exposed to enough of the world – save up and travel. The sky's the limit here. You could save for a big overseas trip or start small and venture out on small weekend flights to nearby regions.

    Want to do more Good with your time – volunteer or a more environmental lifestyle for a while. Young people always need mentors (e.g. Big Brothers Big Sisters) and things always need recycling. You'll be helping the future in more ways than one.

    Those are just a few randoms off the top of the dome this morning. Other folks can chime in on to keep this list going. Great post Jamie.

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