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Role Playing 101: Naughty Nurse Or Sexy Librarian?

So, what’s your fantasy? A naughty nurse? A horny librarian? Maybe, it’s picking up a hot “stranger” at the bar?

Whatever it is, there’s a good chance your girl will be game for playing along, especially if there is something in it for her.

Like playing sexy games, role playing can add an element of fun and excitement to your sex life. It is a chance for the two of you to assume different characters, whether you’re living out a long-time fantasy or just spicing things up in a new and exciting way.

You don’t need to be theater majors to make this work. There are a few key things to keep in mind to make your role playing scenario successful…and hot!

Don’t call it role playing

Making it official with a label may intimidate her or make her uncomfortable. It might imply dressing up is old hat for you, and that’s probably not the message you want to send.

Instead, approach it more informally by saying something like “It would be so hot if you put your hair up, put those glasses on, and could help me find my way to the quiet corner of the library.” She’ll get the hint.

Offer to take on one of her fantasies

If you know that she has a thing for firemen, let her know you would love to be her hero for the night. Sometimes, just showing her that you are willing to leave your comfort zone to fulfill her fantasy will motivate her to reciprocate, and offer to be your naughty school girl for a night.

Keep your sense of humor

Sometimes, something you thought would be really hot, turns out to just feel completely ridiculous. That is OK.

Chances are, if your “hot stranger at the bar” pick up scenario turns into a competition of cheesy pick up lines and awkward stares from other people at the bar, it could have you both laughing your asses off from the sheer failure of attempting to make it sexy.

Laughter can be damn sexy all on its own; the fact that you two were willing give it a try will set the mood.

Pretending to be someone can be liberating and fun

For your girl, getting to shed her every day, in-charge, personality and assume the role of the naïve school girl might be just what she needs to relax and let go.

On the other hand, if she is usually quiet or shy, getting to be the vixen might be incentive for her to really get wild for you.  Either way, it’s going to be something new and exciting for both of you to enjoy.

Hero in uniform or naughty librarian, strangers in a bar or hot teacher… the sexy choices are endless. Pick the role playing fantasy that gets things going for you and your girl; have fun being something new for each other.

About the author

Lisa, aka Random Girl, is a mild-mannered professional by day, wickedly clever blogger/sex goddess/smartass by night. Lisa has very little internal filtering and is the voice behind Random Girl Blogs. She also makes fantastic chocolate chip cookies.

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5 responses to “Role Playing 101: Naughty Nurse Or Sexy Librarian?”

  1. Lance says:

    My wife and I have doen the picked up by a stranger in a bar bit. It works.

    my top three are

    1) sexy librarian with working knowledge of dewey decimal system
    2) rocker chick with tattoos and no shame
    3) businesswoman – power suit

  2. Jewels says:

    Another great contribution with great tips for guys. Sometimes it takes a bit of open communication to get the fantasies to come to light but once they do it can be a ton of fun. My favorites for the guys are the fireman, the sexy professor, and the mysterious stranger. ;)

  3. Brandon says:

    I can tell you this: It's better to roleplay than cheat. Pretend she's the sexy librarian instead of actually going after the librarian.

    Great article. Like most sexual adventures, communication makes alllll the difference.

  4. "The Wingman" says:

    I recently told a girl "If you don't want me to blow it in your eye, either swallow or leave your glasses on… Or both… I like the librarian look."

  5. Michael says:

    Loved this. Role playing is always fun to me. Sometimes it works great and other times you just have to laugh it off. The point is to try something new and see where it goes.

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