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The Morning Quickie: Nature’s Best Alarm Clock

Few things are dreaded as much as the sound of the alarm clock buzzing in the morning. That usually signals the beginning of the daily grind, but take it as your cue to start your day off right.

Instead of pressing snooze… waiting until the last possible second to get up and going, reach for your girl and have a morning quickie to get both your days started with a smile (or moan, as it might be).

The morning quickie is highly underrated in my opinion. Yes, morning breath or bed head might be an obstacle, but that is why a quickie is the perfect option… nobody said you have to get all kissy-kissy with each other. A little creative positioning and bad breath is a complete non-issue, leaving you and your girl only one thing to focus on, getting each other off.

Yeah, I know you like it in the morning

For most guys, morning sex is a natural fit, as testosterone levels surge in the morning hours. For women, we might not be as naturally horny, but a smart girl will take the orgasm over the alarm clock any day of the week. Your girl will be pleasantly surprised waking up to you wanting her with a sense of unquestionable urgency.

Some guys are reluctant to initiate quickies, because they fear their woman will view it as a lack of effort. I would counter by saying: as long as you are mixing up quickies with longer, less rushed sack sessions, you’re good to go. I doubt she’ll have anything to complain about when you just want to go for it before jumping in the shower and heading off to work.

Hell, you could even secretly set your alarm a few minutes early to make sure you have time to take care of business in the morning…

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Lisa, aka Random Girl, is a mild-mannered professional by day, wickedly clever blogger/sex goddess/smartass by night. Lisa has very little internal filtering and is the voice behind Random Girl Blogs. She also makes fantastic chocolate chip cookies.

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3 responses to “The Morning Quickie: Nature’s Best Alarm Clock”

  1. George says:

    I love morning quickies.

  2. Jewels says:

    I don't think that I have had a legitimate quickie since college. Oh my goodness. Like…10 years. I was totally fine with them, especially when I was on duty as an RA and never knew when I'd get a call…or when we had meetings/classes and wanted to get off. I have the time now to not rush things…maybe I should start pretending I don't. hehe. ;)

  3. The Onion says:

    I am all about the morning quickie. I can think of a lot worse ways to start the day..

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