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Chick Poll: What Should We Do After We Get Your Number?

I was reminded of this issue over the weekend when our twitter friend, @StyleGF, mentioned feeling put on the spot when a guy called her.

On one hand, I totally understand feeling put on the spot when speaking to someone you hardly know. However, numerous female friends of mine have expressed to me that no call after giving a guy their number is a deal-breaker for them. They view texting as a first contact as chickening out.

So, I thought we should put this to a vote! How are us dudes supposed to know what you want, if you all clearly have different preferences when it comes to contact?!?

Take the poll, and if you have any other words of wisdom, please share them in the comments below!

Update: A number of women have expressed wanting a flirty text message, followed up by a call they are expecting. What do you think?

After you give your number to a guy, how should he contact you?

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