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Have An Old School Make Out Session

In a new relationship, there always seems to be a rush to get to the end game. Prompt sex has become the expected norm. Why not take a step back and remember how much you can enjoy an old school, hot and heavy make out session?

Although not as highly ranked on the must-have list for most guys, taking it back to the basics of lingering kisses and teasing touches can build a new level of anticipation between you and your girl.

Knowing there is no reason to rush on to the real action will give you every excuse to push each other’s buttons in a way that has been likely overlooked for far too long. How long has it been since you have just made out on the couch for an hour?  Or in the car? Or in the back row at the movie theater?

Making out is not just for horny teenagers anymore. Taking it back to days where you were pumped if you got to second base with the hot chick from your math class can help you appreciate how far you have come. You can revel in how much better you are at it now than when you were fumbling around, hoping she thought you had some clue what you were doing.

It may be tempting when you have each other alone, all hot and bothered, to just go the expected route and jump into sex. But, try to resist!  Remember, most women need more mental stimulation than men do. Letting the tension build and knowing how bad she wants you will be an even bigger turn on when it comes time to get busy… sometime soon!

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