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Protecting Your Face And Body From The Sun

I probably dislike sunscreen more than your average guy. I’ve always hated the smell, and I hate any product that makes my skin feel oily.

My solution has typically been to not wear sun protection at all, unless I was at the beach. However, at this point, both my parents have had varieties of skin cancer, so not taking protective measures isn’t really a smart option for me any longer.

After urging from my parents, I paid a visit to my dermatologist, Dr. Adam Geyer of Tribeca Park Dermatology. I got a full-body inspection to make sure there was nothing suspicious going on. Good news, the coast is clear, but Dr. Geyer stressed the importance of making it a yearly ritual to get checked. (It’s better to be safe than sorry, but be prepared for the dermatologist to take a peek at your package during the exam.)

In recent months, I have set out on a quest to find sun protection products I don’t mind using regularly. I wanted to take this opportunity to share them with you:

MD Solar Sciences Quick Dry Body Spray

The thing I hate most about sunscreen, is slathering that crap all over myself using my hands. There are some newer oil-free sunscreen lotions that are FAR better than their more traditional counterparts, but an even easier option is a sunscreen spray. This is an aerosol mist spray that is easy to apply, doesn’t smell bad, and doesn’t leave you feeling greased up. Also, unlike a lotion, you can spray harder to reach areas without getting help from someone, so that’s a plus. “Dude, can you put some lotion on my back?” isn’t always a request you want to make…

Get it from MDSolarSciences

Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster

I’ve never liked face moisturizers with SPF. Despite the SPF being a footnote, it always makes the moisturizer more like sunscreen and less like moisturizer. Dermalogica has come up with a product that’s intended to be used in conjunction with your moisturizer of choice (or alone). Simply mix the Solar Defense Booster with your moisturizer, and you now have SPF protection without sacrificing the moisturizer you like.

Get it from Dermalogica

Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion

This is a product I discovered a few years ago, for reasons unrelated to sun protection. I have a skin condition that causes some vascular redness on my face. Meaning, redness that is tough to correct without laser treatments. Unlike many facial lotions, this Eucerin lotion is green in color. The green color helps counteract some facial redness and results in a more normalized skin tone. The lotion does effectively mask some facial redness, and as a bonus contains SPF 15. For this product to work effectively, your skin needs to be as smooth as possible. Otherwise, it is somewhat difficult to evenly distribute the green lotion and tends to clump on rough patches of skin (luckily a damp washcloth can help with this). If you suffer from some redness like me, it’s worth a try. Eucerin offers other redress reducing products as well, I’ve had good experiences with the cleanser and night cream.

Get it from Amazon

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5 responses to “Protecting Your Face And Body From The Sun”

  1. HommeStyler says:

    I'm a bit pedantic when it comes to suncare and sunscreens, Whilst I'll try the other two, the last one from Eucerin only has SPF 30, which isn't enough, even for daily use.

  2. Ash says:

    Used to burn even with sunscreen. Now I rarely use sunscreen and never burn. What happened? I optimized my Vitamin D levels and also supplement with Astaxanthin. Now I enjoyed the sun with the best of them and no longer make Big Pharma rich by poisoning my body with sunscreen.

    • Jamie says:

      Whatever works for you. You might want to talk to a dermatologist to make sure you're doing what is necessary to avoid skin cancer.Sounds unlikely at first, but it's happened to my parents.

      • Ash says:

        Google "Vitamin D" and "skin cancer" and see what results come up. There is a theory that low levels of Vitamin D actually contribute to skin cancer yet we are told to stay out of the sun which leads to low levels of Vitamin D. It is quite common to hear stories identical to mine from people who have optimized Vitamin D levels.

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