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Dude Approved: Four Seasons Hotel Boston

We recently visited Boston for a friend’s birthday, and I wanted to share my hotel experience with you.

When visiting a place for a short amount of time, one night in this case, finding the right hotel is important. We had a 30th birthday party to attend, but also wanted to do some exploring.

We didn’t have car, so needed to be near public transportation and also wanted to be in a central location close to the typical Boston tourist stuff. My girlfriend had never been to Boston, so doing the most we could in our just over 24 hour stay was important.

After doing some online research we settled on the Four Seasons Boston. The Fairmont was in close contention, but when I asked a Boston-based buddy, I was told Four Seasons no-contest.


The Four Seasons is a fairly unassuming building on Boylston Street, in the Back Bay area of Boston. It is directly across from the Public Garden section of Boston Common.

We were greeted immediately upon on entering and directed towards a very substantial front desk. We were lucky enough to be to treated to an upgraded room with a view of Boston Common, so that was a very welcome surprise.

After checking-in we were escorted across the expansive lobby to the elevators (pictured left).

The Room

The room was nicely sized for a city hotel, with the impressive finishes you’d expect from a place like the Four Seasons. While some rooms have a ‘city view’ (aka a view of the next building over), ours had a nice view of the Public Garden.

The bed was impressively neat. Granted, that’s what housekeeping does for a living… but still impresses me.

The room also featured a nice reading chair and ottoman. I don’t much care about that, but chicks like that kind of stuff.

The bathroom is fairly standard for a high-end hotel. If I had one complaint, it would be the slightly below-average water pressure in the shower. However, as a frequent Vegas visitor, I’m always (unfairly) disappointed when a hotel bathroom doesn’t compare to one at the Bellagio… then I try to return to reality. The space and marble finishes are quite nice.


Upon returning from our night out we found a personalized note along with some small dessert items. As you may notice, my girlfriend nibbled on one before I was able to snap a photo. Nice touch.

The bed was quite firm but comfortable. I happen to like firm mattresses and have one at home, but if you’re used to some pillowy thing, it might be an adjustment.

If you know me, you know I am big on air conditioning. I usually have it blasting pretty much year round, especially while I am sleeping. Typically, the first thing I do when I set foot in a hotel room is plunge the thermostat to its lowest setting. I was ready to call the front desk and complain my A/C wasn’t working until I realized it was working but essentially silent. In my NYC apartment the A/C units sound like a small plane engine, so I am used to audible reassurance.

This might seem like an asinine thing to fixate on, but from an OCD person like myself, the Four Seasons Boston gets a high grade on climate control! (Unlike the Bellagio in Vegas, where the A/C struggled big-time during the summer)


While I am generally anti-brunch, I am very pro-hotel buffet. The Bristol Lounge offered a very nice brunch buffet. Since I have the palate of an eight year old, I would have liked to seen classics like pancakes or waffles. However, an ample supply of breakfast potatoes, bacon, and wide variety of pastries, suited me just fine. Fresh juice was included in the price, which is not always the case at nice hotels.

I did not have an opportunity to try it, but I hear the Bristol Lounge serves a wicked (to steal some Boston lingo) burger, so I will have to give that a shot next time.

Surrounding Area

It was an overcast day, but the Public Garden was still quite nice. From the bridge you can get a good look at the Four Seasons. The upper floors with the best views, above the tree tops, are reserved as Four Seasons Residences, with a separate entrance adjacent to the hotel entrance.


If you need a place to stay in Boston, and aren’t super budget-conscious, the Four Seasons is a great choice. And, if you’re looking to impress a lady, it will probably do the trick.

As a nice bonus, unlike many hotels, they are extremely responsive to questions or feedback on twitter (@FSBoston).

Four Seasons Boston
200 Boylston Street
Boston, Massachusetts

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2 responses to “Dude Approved: Four Seasons Hotel Boston”

  1. Ellie says:

    Jamie, I love the Four Seasons, too for all the reasons you mentioned…LOL about the AC, I so get that..I do the exact same thing…..This was a beautiful piece..Ellie

  2. Maiah says:

    Awesome post. Made me a little homesick for Boston too. Completely agreed, the Four Seasons is a great hotel. I love a man who prefers that chain, there's something about it that makes me think a dude has classic style if he favors the Four Seasons.

    -Maiah // Writing with Wine

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