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Hands-On With Missoni For Target Ties

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you’ve heard about the Missoni for Target collection. All over the country females flocked to Target to buy all sorts of Missoni stuff. From clothes to bedding, and even bicycles.

On release day, September 13th, was slammed with traffic and down for a good part of the day. During sporadic intervals the website worked enough to place orders. The next day, thousands of items popped up on ebay for heavily inflated prices.

Out of sheer curiosity, I placed an order for two Missoni for Target neckties, at a steep price of $24.99 each.

Missoni for Target Purple/Pink Zig Zag necktie, worn with theory shirt and Ferragamo tie clip.

For the $25 price tag, the quality of these ties is quite good. The ties I most often wear are theory, and typically cost $98 (however, I usually snag them for less at sales). Will these replace my theory ties? Absolutely not, but they are some slightly more vibrant options to keep around.

Being as OCD as I am, I often quickly find fabric defects or snagged threads on most ties. Contrary to that, these Missoni for Target ties look pretty good as you can see.

Unfortunately, all the men’s Missoni for Target items are sold out at the moment but you can view the entire Missoni for Target men’s accessory collection on

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8 responses to “Hands-On With Missoni For Target Ties”

  1. Arlington Beech says:

    Honestly, these ties are nothing to write home about. While they have Missoni attached to them, that's all of their appeal. Ties are NOT an expensive addition to the wardrobe. In fact, a majority of stores offer ridiculous discounts on brands (in my opinion) far superior in quality than anything Missoni can offer. Of course I'm bias, seeing as I dissaprove of the entire Missoni x Target move.

    • Jamie says:

      I'm sort of with you, in that I would normally never buy ties at target. The same goes for most discount store, although occasionally you find a shipment of something good at a discount store. Loehmann's, for example, occasionally has some good ties but that usually disappear quick… so you really just to get lucky, as they have a LOT of crap too.

      Ties certainly don't have to be expensive. However, if you mix a cheap tie with an expensive shirt or suit, it is often quite obvious… so generally you should be careful. That is why I prefer to get good ties on sale as a good store, rather than buying at a store full of discount or castoff merchandise.

  2. Gleb says: Awesome quality and 15 dollars every day of the year. They make the same designs and colors as a lot of designers too so if you see another tie you like somewhere, they will probably have an exact same one. Should never have to buy a tie anywhere else again.

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