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Chick To Watch: Brianna Brown

While Brianna Brown has been on many shows, including Entourage, she just came to my attention in the new Showtime original series Homeland. Brianna plays Lynne Reed, the head of a Saudi Prince’s harem and undercover CIA asset.

In one episode Lynne is tasked with recruiting new girls for the harem, and takes to checking ladies for Brazilian waxes and fondness of anal. Ok, you’ve got my attention.

Sadly, it appears Brianna’s run on Homeland might be short-lived. I won’t elaborate on that at risk of spoiling the show. I am definitely going to keep my eye out for Brianna’s upcoming projects, and you should too.

I am typically skeptical of new series, but Homeland has proven fantastic so far. I highly suggest you watch it, especially if you were ever a fan of 24 on Fox.

If you aren’t interested in Brianna yet, this should help

Brianna Brown on twitter

Homeland on Showtime

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  1. Yeah, she is one amazing and sexy woman.

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