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Why You Should Watch White Collar On USA

Knowing my fondness of New York City and suits, a friend recently pushed me hard to start watching White Collar. It’s been around a few years now, and I’d heard good things, primarily from people who want to engage in certain unwholesome activities with Matt Bomer (star, as con man Neal Caffrey).

I started watching it on netflix and cruised through the first two seasons in a matter of days. I then also obtained the first ten episodes of season 3 and flew through those as well.

In a few words, the premise basically consists of a con man (Matt Bomer) joining forces with a FBI Agent (Tim DeKay) to solve cases, with things getting complicated along the way.

The men of White Collar

While I am a straight male, I will admit Matt Bomer (as Neal Caffrey) is a good looking dude. I might even take some hair style inspiration from him in the near future. He also manages to rock a hat in a away I am envious of… perhaps because my head is the size of Shrek’s… but I digress.

Tim DeKay (as Peter Burke), the other star of White Collar, fits the part of FBI agent well. Tim has been in a lot of stuff, but I honestly only remember him from one thing, a 2007 HBO show called Tell Me You Love Me. While the show was interesting, I saw way more of Tim than I need to, we are talking full-frontal. So, if you like that sort of thing, go look that up, you’re welcome.

Willie Garson (as Mozzie) gets a chance to play it straight as Neal’s sidekick. Most people know Willie from his many years on Sex and the City. White Collar must be a nice change of pace from the pink suits and other infamous outfits he was subjected to on Sex and the City.

The ladies of White Collar

I’d like the shake the hand of the White Collar casting director. Some shows manage to cast exclusively hot ladies, White Collar is one of them. Yes she might be a little older, but Kelly Kapowski (I mean Tiffani Thiessen, left) will always be hot. Hilarie Burton (as Sara Ellis, middle) and Alexandra Daddario (as Kate, right) are high points of hotness as well.

An actual New York City show

While many NYC-based shows are awkwardly filmed on lots in LA, you can tell White Collar is actually primarily shot in New York. When I lived downtown, I actually saw White Collar production signs before I started watching the show. Sure, they put up fake news stands or ATMs, but when they are on 5th avenue, they are actually on 5th avenue. I think that’s pretty cool.

White Collar Prize Pack Giveaway (Closed)

This post is not sponsored in any way by USA Network, but since I like White Collar so much, they have provided this awesome prize pack to give away to a reader! It’s a $200 value! I wish I could scam the contest and keep it myself, but I promise not to do that.

The pack includes:

  • Custom Waxwear Shoe Bag
  • Izola Shoe Brush
  • Jet Black Playing Cards in Large Box
  • White Collar Season 1 DVD
  • Custom Reporter’s Notebook
  • Black Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Cable Knit Scarf

If you haven’t watched any White Collar, look it up on netflix or enter to win the DVDs above. Otherwise, be sure to catch the next new episode on Tuesday (1/17) at 10/9c on USA. I confess, I got to watch it early and it’s a great one!

Here is a preview…

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25 responses to “Why You Should Watch White Collar On USA”

  1. audax says:

    I never heard of the show before. Definitely going to give it a viewing.

  2. Steve C says:

    Friggin LOVE White Collar and also wish I could rock a fedora or a trilby like Bomer. If you got into this, you should check out USA’s ‘Suits’ as well. -sc.

  3. luxurytraveldmb says:

    GREAT SHOW – Hope I win! Thanks

  4. Henry A. Otero says:

    White Collar is one of my all time favorite shows, been watching since Season1! If I win, I'll take the DVD and shirt but you can keep the rest Jamie haha… My Twitter: @hanko9

  5. Chie Lagumen says:

    White collar is a great show! Well-written and you’ll crave for more. So addicting!

  6. Chie Lagumen says:

    So addicting! Great storyline. @simplechie419

  7. Erin Joyce says:

    White Collar is the most stylish show on tv!! Neal Caffrey is a fashion icon. @erindjoyce

  8. Rainey says:

    White Collar is absolutely the best show going – perfect bromance between the leads. Glad you've "discovered" it. (Twitter: rainechief)

  9. Katy says:

    White collar is good at what it does, and Matt Bomer can wear a suit. (@krmccoy)

  10. Ben says:

    Love the site, love the show, I’d like to win, thanks. @bwpope3

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks for your interest, but this contest closed on January 17th. I'm sorry I did not update the page to make that more clear. We hope to do some more giveaways soon!

  11. Thanks for the write up…sound like an interesting show. On a side-note, Tiffany Thiessen still looks SOOO good to me!

  12. Stevie says:

    Also, Matt Bomer is the hottest gay male actor alive and I want to be the father of his next children.

  13. Chris says:

    Great show and great explanation for those who havent seen it. Also just a question, I know the contest is over but do they sell any of this stuff elsewhere? (I was mainly thinking the shirt and the cards)

    • Jamie says:

      That's a good question… But I'm actually not sure. Maybe check if there's a store section of the USA website.

  14. Jack says:

    Agree – love this show!

  15. Chris J says:

    So I started watching the show after reading this article last month. Halfway through Season 2 and loving it; thanks for that! But I wonder why you "forgot" to mention Diana Barrigan (Marsha Thomason) as one of the ladies of White Collar. She's equally sexy. :-/

  16. lily says:

    Stevie, I almost agree with what you said. But instead of Matt Bomer being the hottest gay male actor alive, I see him as the HOTTEST MALE ACTOR ALIVE because he beat out straight male actors as well in the hottest category in my book. :)

    I started watching WC at it’s 1.5 season and hope this show goes on for more seasons.

    Right now, I am just waiting impatiently for Magic Mike to premiere zs well as s4 to begin.

  17. lily says:

    Awwww, i missed the give away

  18. Waka network says:

    This show is awesome. My all time favorite TV show. I Never get bored with the episodes.

  19. Denis conte says:

    Yes indeed, awesome show!

  20. Fazal says:

    i got exposed to the show by chance but its awesome..i know Bomer is gay but he would have been perfect for 50 Shades of Grey. This is my first visit to site and i hope i win and make this first visit a memorable one. I am also New Yorker and consider it the best city in the world..No, i am not native but have come to love the city for what it is

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