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Role Playing 101: Naughty Nurse Or Sexy Librarian?

So, what’s your fantasy? A naughty nurse? A horny librarian? Maybe, it’s picking up a hot “stranger” at the bar? We’ve got some tips to help get her playing along.

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Talk Less About Yourself And Make It About Her

Do you kill conversations without even realizing it? The logical response is not always the right one. Women love details, so keeping a good conversation going is easier than it seems.

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Play Some Sexy Games With Her Tonight

Whether you are entering sexual territory with someone new, or have been hitting the sheets with the same person for a while, it’s never a bad idea to bring some fun into mix. Here are some games you can play with her tonight.

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The Hot And The Ugly: Pros And Cons Of Sex With Your Ex

It may seem like a good idea to bring an ex back into the picture, especially if the sex had always been mind-blowing, but it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

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Technology & Dating: The Simple Rules

With social media, ever present, in all of our lives these days, it’s easy to forget our manners. We speak in status updates and end relationships in 160 characters or less. For the record, we do not endorse breaking up over text message.

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