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How To Make Dude Society Long Weekend Punch

Big three-day weekend coming up and I’m sure plenty of you are planning a party or going to one. You can go the typical route of filling a cooler with beer, but if you want something a little more intoxicating, tasty, and fun, try making some DS punch.

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How To Stock Your Home Bar

With all the different types of liquors out there, and all the different drinks that can be made, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You feel that you need to stock up on $500 worth of alcohol in order to mix a drink, but that’s not the case.

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It’s Cinco De Mayo At Your House

Every bar in town will likely be a shit show amateur hour of non-Mexicans celebrating a Mexican holiday as an excuse to get wasted. Not unlike all the people that become “Irish” on St. Paddy’s day. So, why not stay home and do it better with some friends.

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How To Take Her On A Romantic Picnic

Women love picnics; they don’t need to be complicated, and with a little forethought they can be surprisingly easy and stress free. Here are a few food ideas and recipes to put in your next picnic basket.

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